ABOUT; The Hethen Project

The Hethen Project is an art project developed following the most difficult period in my life to date which occured between 2007 & 2012, & till the present day…

I think its fair to suggest that 2007 was the begining of the gestation period,
the long pregnancy of stress, anxciety & depression of a brewing meltdown of mind, body & spirit which finally hit the preverbial on and around the 7th Febuary 2009, & from that moment The Hethen Project was born.

The seed, or idea which the project developed from was a self help therapy & health management programme/project to get me through the meltdown of that time & grew from a project idea I had as part of my degree modules while studying Health & social welfare & social policy at Wolverhampton University for my foundation degree &then BA( which circumstance dictated I was unable to complete).

Ironically, had it not been for the beurocratic errors made by local authorities at that time I would not have been faced with the circumstances that led to the meltdown, but all things happen for a reason & therefore i have no regrets in that regard.

THE HETHEN PROJECT charts social, legal & health issues that led to, were, & indeed still are, ongoing under the menu title Justice UK style.

HETHEN ART menu reflect a selection of collections of paintings, sketches, drawings, photography & sculptured wood peices that became my fundemental medication in my recovery journey from that time.

HETHEN POETRY menu will take you to a selection o poetry & recitals with images from the art project.
The poetry was written before, during & since , and is an on going project.

Some of the poems are also incorporated into the text of HETHEN the novel, a book inspired by a someone, a stranger, I met on the internet on a social networking site called iThink in 2007, this site later changed its name to minekey, & the person in question who I called K… was the key to my survival & recovery ( MON Key as in french mon=my )
K’s true I dentity was never known to me, however, had it not been for the support & love that the individual I called K made me feel during that period I may not have survived to create The Hethen Project

K… was my key to opening the door to me, my art & the strength within to get me through that very difficult period, & indeed it is his insperation & all that he opened up in me, that showed me who I am, & am capable of, that to this day keeps me going on the meltdown days & even on the good days when I appriciate all that life is & offers us on our journey.

With this in mind, I dedicate THE HETHEN PROJECT to mon K… aka ….
with much love & devotion….

The labour leadership…. heres what I think, plus some citations and stuff .

I am not a politician, but I am a 54-year-old citizen of the UK , with an opinion, a social concence,and interest in human rights & social issues .

Statically I represent;

  1.  1 in 4 of the population in many of the groupings used to determine the national demographics by the office of national statistics in the UK.
  2.  I am a former single parent.
  3.  I am diagnosed with mental health illness.
  4.  I am out of employment, declared unfit for work.
  5.  I have household & utility expenses.
  6. I have tax’s
  7. I have physical health impairments

6. I have an interest in the economic & social welfare issues of this nation.
7.I have a degree from Wolverhampton university in health & welfare & social policy.
8. I have a family and friends & an interest in their future personal, social health wealth & economic prospects as well as an interest in their geographical & environmental well-being & the political impact of those who implement the institutions and systems that impact all of the above.

It is with this in mind that I feel compelled to speak up on the current rhetoric from the labour party coup leaders and supporters who, I believe , are manipulating media with smears against Jeremy Corbyn and anyone who supports him.

I am not , nor have I in recent years, been a labour voter, however I think Jeremy Corbyn’s track record as ;
1. a grass-roots labour supporter who has stood with the rank and file of labour supporters since he was a young man
2.a man who has spoken up for ;

human rights,
civil rights ,
workers rights,
pensioners rights
gay rights
environment issues
discrimination of race class & gender
against war
against austerity
against cuts

Indeed on every  issue of social, political and international injustice anyone chooses to consider, Jeremy Corbyn’s proven record of activism & office speaks for itself.

The documented video, media, and indeed most importantly, public record, clearly reflects his honour , integrity &  passion for social justice, sought through peaceful and legal & political pathways is clear, and easily found via the internet and backed up by citations available from the above mentioned sources of documented evidence.

Owen Smith on the other hand, where are the citeations and documents that support evidence of his career path, Wikipedia?

Frankly, there’s little out there apart from what Wikipedia cites to tell us anything of value about Owen Smith, Not many videos of the self-proclaimed radical unifier of the labour party!

Not much to be found about Mr Smith other than what Wikipedia offers and cites,

BUT, I’m still looking, mostly cos I don’t want to believe that he is so silly as to believe that people with real socialist values don’t want some real evidence to support his claims, on all levels.

I want to see the cut of his C.V.
I want to see what his contribution to social change and reform amounts to.
I want to see  what he’s done in his life to contribute to social change, things that benefits the people he wants me to believe he represents .

I want to see evidence of him speaking up for people like me, the 1 in 4 of the population as defined by government statistics.

I want to hear his speeches and debates that qualify him to lead the labour party and call himself a unifing radical socialest labour leader

I want to see the evidence of him standing with the rank and file as a citizens representing,  workers, women, children, the poor, the unemployed , the NHS staff,

I want to hear his speeches to stop wars & oppression for all people , BUT frankly, I can’t find any evidence of that from the man claiming to be the man to unify and lead the labour party.

All I find coming up is links that show me him bitching and back biting at the man who has proven his worth & dedicated his life to standing with fellow citezens on the frontlines calling for equality, human rights & peacefully fighting through all pathways available to him for social fairness and justice for all people.

I may, or may not not agree completly with everything Jeremy Corbyn has every done or siad, however I beleive that he has proven himself a man of concience, of honour, of integrity , of respect , and most important of all, a man of the people who speaks honestly & candidly about his political & social beleives and who has citable evedence that reflect his practice of persuing his goals in a humble & honest manner.

I cannot find equal or convincing evidence that Owen Smith shares these vital personal, professional and political qualities in his mode of operation, and I invite any documentent evidence that suggest he does to be shown to me and and people like me that supports claims Smith is a suitable contender to lead the labour or any political party never mind head a government.




















saying goodbye to demons, “where i enjoyed a quiet daydream”

I returned today to where I once enjoyed dreams,

that were shattered and killed by the sound of my screams…

I went back today to say goodbye to the ghost

that has lived in the heart of this unwilling host

I went back today, and I sat at that place

and allowed many tears to run down my face,

I sat for a while, and just let go…

and in quiet meditation  bade the monster “please go…”

and after a while, I felt filled with relief

as in queit meditation I let go of the grief

I said goodbye to the monstro, who has haunted me so

cos I know to go forward, you have to let go…












In blanket field’s of green and gold,

natures wonderous story told,

in silent splendor…

The rippling waters of the rain

sparkle and shine as they sustain

the growing corn and rice grain

hidden in blankets of corn rows

narrow streams that gently flow

from the distant mountain tops

snowdrops melt,

the gods frozen  tear drops

that gently quench the thirsty soil

where hard working farmers toil

working the land, in all its glory

an integral part of natures story

And to this wonderous paradise

give thanks to nature as it thrives

giving so freely all its beauty

sharing with us its wonderous bounty

that we may live blessed by the gifts

Nympha, Lacturna, Matura, Nodotus & Volutina

so generously give…




A journey thru the Italian countryside in Piemonte

It’s difficult to describe the splendor that graced my eyes as I travelled by train through the Italian countryside from Milan to Lavorno Ferarrais in Piemonte, never before can I remember seeing such beautiful countryside.

In recent days there has been heavy rain in the region, that remained hidden in the fields of green and gold creating an artist dream, as it sparkled in the sunshine like diamond dust that had been sprinkled in the lush green rice fields and among the corn crops that stretched for miles like green blankets towards the distant horizon of black, snow -capped mountains that seemed to caress the soft white clouds that floated in the pale blue sky, at times making it difficult to define where the snow topped peaks ended and the clouds began.

Between the field’s small canal’s of clear water flowed shining as they rippled and danced in the sunshine, some, I guess, man-made to irrigate the fields, or perhaps as I prefer to believe blessing of Nympha, Lacturna, Matura, Nodotus & Volutina to nurture nature ,our beautiful planet and all that inhabits it.

Later as I sat alone in the courtyard of my friends beautiful old farmhouse, with its own interesting tale and place in local history, watching the moon float in a dark blue sky surrounded by sparkling stars I felt touched by the spirit’s in the sky and lush field’s that surrounded me, and this old Heathen gave her own quiet thanks to the gods, and spirits that I could feel filling my soul with a deep sence of peace and joy the likes of which I have not felt for many a day and I felt greatful & blessed to have friends who lived in such a paradise whose hospitality and kindness allowed me to experienceDSC_0959 such beauty and splendor of nature , that made me feel glad and thankful to be alive.



Through the looking glass…

A trip from the present to meet with the past

traveling thru the sky in economy class,

Old friendship’s rekindled, new friends to greet,

nostalgically retracing walks though  different towns & streets..

decades have passed, since I walked in this land

yet there’s a sense of belonging, I can’t explain, or understand

as with each step in my present, my future unfolds

I don’t think I fell down any rabbit hole…

yet my present & future collide with my past

i feel a little like Alice, in reflections

thru the looking glass….



It’s world ocean day what can I say,

but where would we be if they all went away?

So much that sustains us is dependent on our waters,

yet we neglect and abuse them…it’s like a pretext to our own slaughter.

Our pollutions and policies cause our oceans much harm,

it’s like we’re oblivious to those sounding the alarms.

So today make a promise, I urge everyone… please,

to think of our oceans, our waters, our seas..

.think of their charm and all that they give

for without their contribution our species and planet can’t live..

& within that promise to yourself or your god

give thanks for our oceans, our waters and seas

& promise to do your part to take care of them please.




It seems like a very long time since my last update proclaiming things to come.  I think it was John

Lennon who said,”things happen, life gets in the way” or maybe it was Forrest Gump, i donno, but whoever it was, was correct, and thats kinda been whats happened.

I found a new place to live, and moved, and have been busy with all that moving involves and , yes I guess managing the triggers that get clicked going thru the packing process and coming accross things that jaunt memories and thoughts that stir all sorts of emotions that get in the way of previous intentions like sorting out my web page.Also therein, I’v had those moments of self doubt, the “whats the bloody point” moments, the ” who ‘s interested in your shitty art, and crap poems” moments, the  “who cares what you think or write, your not good enough , your not clear enough , your not clever enough , stop with the delusions and take up dog walking at least your fairly good at that” moments, but I can’t, and I can’t because The Hethen Project is inportant to me, not because of the artwork I’v created, or poems I’v written as part of the theraputic journey it has been or was for me when I began it, but because of what it grew to be as a gaol for me to  raise awareness of mental health & socailcare issues, and how the arts as therapy impact positivly on mental & emotional wellbeing, as well as addressing and raising awareness of human rights & political issues that impact on mental health & socail care.

Health and socailcare was my chosen career path as a mature student, life got in the way there too and I’v come to believe that perhaps it was meant to in order to teach and enlighten me about things I would perhaps otherwise not have beleived or thot absurd in relation to the discrimination, and disparity of treatment of those with mental health related illnesses to those whith physical health problems.

I may not have been able to continue to persue my career path goals as a result of the human rights violations I became victim of or indeed, recieve justice in relation to, but I would concider myself a hypocrite and to have failed myself & children if I gave up on The Hethen Project which for me is not about the quaulity of my personal creative endevours , but a tool to raise awareness of ;

  • the value of arts and indeed other alterative therapies in relation to Mental health & emotional well being
  • the discrimination, iniqualities and inadiquacies in relation to mental health & socail care
  • the disparity between mental & emotional health care & physical health care.

So, with all this in mind, and after some due consideration I have made some desicions and have decided that as off the 9th June I shall endevour to crack on with The Hethen project and try to post a daily blog on various topics , these may be short or long who knows , well see.

The previous post promise of anouncments will soon be made clear, and I will try to sort out the menu issues, but I’m shit at formatting and tecnology related stuff, and i’d like to get some help with that and smarten up the site to a proper presentable page.

Thank you if your reading or following These Pages I really appriciate your interest and hope I can make it more intersting to read or brouse in the future.