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plea to celebrities 2 bring an end to child labour enslavement explotation

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

plea to celebrities 2 bring an end to child labour enslavement explotation


I write this blog as an open letter to the many celebrities from the world of hip hop, rap, street dance ,and other arts and sport that often follows a fashion code that support the wearing of branded clothing & footwear that is produced & manufactured by companies using child labour.

I make a plea asking that they will join me in an effort to bring an end to the horrific exploitative abuse of children to benefit the shareholders of corporate brands like Nike, Rebok, Adidas, Gap, Levis, Calvin Kline and the many others, who reep the profits from the sales of their products manufactured & produced by factories in 3rd word countries, exploiting poor people forced by poverty, to work, & have their children work, to the detriment of education, in draconian, dangerous work house conditions, for unfair low wages.

No child should be exploited or enslaved in the 21 century.

Yet as long as we continue to buy and ignore the facts pertaining to the production of these garments & the conditions people living with poverty are forced, by circumstance to accept, we are contributing to their exploitation & enslavement.
Furthermore, we become puppets of these corporate bastards by buying their products for our children or ourselves.
Indeed in the case of you, the celebrities & sport people, who accept sponsorship funding or who promote these products by wearing & advertising them, you yourself become aiders & arbiters, accessories in the exploitation, the crimes & abuses of these children.

As a mother of three, now adult children , I am well aware of the pressures on working class parents to buy these brand products, and I’m well aware that it is as a result of my children’s admiration for celebrities & sports people who advertise & wear these brands that makes them popular.

I am also a grand mother & I am again aware of the cost of buying these products, the exploitation in the production extends to excessive cost for the products that in truth could be made and manufacture anywhere including in the UK , USA , EUROPE , & other countries at fair cost to both consumer & manufacturer, providing work for those of working age who have completed education, but, who now find work harder to secure as a result of government practice in our home nations that saw textile & manufacturing industries closed down in favour of outsourcing to the nations that offered cheap slave labour were employees are denied workers & human rights where poor people are exploited as a result of their poverty.

I understand that there are those that would argue that without the work they would be poorer & in worse poverty , this however is nonsense, what it would do would forces standards and working conditions by these employers in developing nations to improve their working conditions & workers rights in order to compete in the market across nations to a global standard of fair working rights & could I suggest see the return of texitle industries to the  home nations from where they were outsourced in favor of cheap exploitative  labor.
Thee is no shortage of need or demand for textiles, nor will there ever be people wear clothes for all season & all reason around the world.

While we continue to support these practices we allow & condone by complacency these inhuman practices that see children abused & exploited.

What if it was your children, would you support, promote & buy these products if it was your child being subjected to the conditions these children are exposed to purely because they & their parents are poor…
might I suggest that it is a case of there but for the profits of the corporate bastard go I and mine…

So I beseech you, please join me in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of these exploited children enslaved by poverty, help bring an end to their exploitation and misery by boycotting the Brands that use manufactures & factories that exploit children & their families, who live with the misery & misfortune of poverty.
Add your voice to mine & boycott any brand that exploits the poor, support the human rights of these children & their families, as you would were it your own children and family, please, help bring this immoral practice to an end & build a better future for all children.

I offer this informative documentary by Humanitarian crusader John Pilger in support of my argument.



I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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