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Granny non gratis

Granny non gratis… you could call me

Cos I’ll no buy a licence for watching TV
Nor will I pay a congestion charge
For ill planned roads with penalties
that are 2 fucking large…

nor will I keep my big gob shut
about all your politically incorrect fuck ups

or listen to the bullshit from MP’s lying as they suck up

I will not accept taxes that line your pockets
And every mistake you make I will loudly mock
Nor will I accept your ridiculous rules
Nor will I swallow you r bitter pills
Nor will I prop up your ill structured foundations
No granny non gratis has run out of patcience


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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