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nature elements …the sun

  • Yesterday evening I had a conversation with a friend on Twitter who asked me;
    What facinates you most Light, rain or wind?I paused at first, not sure what he meant, then answered that light facinated me least & explained what I LIKE about wind & rain.

    Later, early this morning, I awoke with this on my mind realising I had misunderstood the question , my confusion, I think began with the word light, what I think my friend meant when he said light was sun, we were descussing nature, a thunder storm had just bagan to happen outside & I had said I was going to go out for a walk as I like the rain thunder & lightening.

    I am in truth, facinated by all of nature in all its glory & wonderment, all of it facinates me, captivates me, enthrals me, I love it, how it works in compliment with all things working in seemingly effortless cooperation.

    I can sit in quiet contemplation of it all in peaceful contentment & just absorb the all of it, watching insect busy about, trees dance, or waves gentley caress the shore as they ebb & flow, the smells, the feel everything about it is just so full of everything that bares relevance to life itself, it is truely awesome.

    I had answered that I was least facinated by light, I think as a result of how I had misinterpreted what he had said or meant, had he said the sun, I may have answered differently, I’m not sure, had we been descussing the elements as opposed to nature & weather, I would have said I was probably most facinated by fire, & fire is associated with the sun, the sun being a big burning planet of fire, persay. Its flaming colour, the heat it radeates, all aspects of fire, & yes fire most definatly facinates me beyond a shadow of doubt.

    I can & do often sit for hours watching the flames of a fire dance, the smoke weave & rise & shapechange.
    I see things in the flames, smoke & burning embers that captivate & fill me with curiosity, wonder, excitement & a whole array of other emotions/feelings.
    I have literally thousands of photographs of fires & flames because fire & all that it is, & does, & that I see within it, inspires much of my art projects, I take pictures to preserve the moment as it happens because it changes so quickly, I like to be able to preserve the second for later reflection & I guess to reaasure myself that what I saw in the flames smoke & burning embers was not just my imagination running away with me.
    And yes, I realise that may seem a little wierd to some ppl but I am a little wierd according to many people so what the hell!

    Of course thats not to say other elements are less facinating to me, they are not, all of nature with all its aspects & charms, wonders & beauty, facinate me for very different, & often quite specific reasons, however that is topic for future blogs when I shall perhaps explain my facination with the elements of air, water & earth & ideed other elementals & aspects of nature.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

One thought on “nature elements …the sun

  1. what a way of seeing nature and its beauty. This blog suggests that you foresee nature in a vivid aspect. Moreover, this justifies your power of thinking beyond, what nature actually wants to teach us.

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