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Images of what war does

In recent days I have seen comments & discussion on the internet regarding images showing people in pieces being pulled from destroyed building that are now rubble.
Today I heard these same types of images being mentioned on the radio, as people express horror that they are shown,without warning to content, and also regarding that some of these images are being described as showing people reported as being killed in one place then later the same photo with the same people being said to be somewhere else.

My feeling on this are simple and I respond thus,
Where the photo was taken, where the people in the photo died and even whither or not the photo in the image is a real time or photo shopped doctored representation of the event,is, without sounding calous, irrelevent, what is relevant is that these images reflect the true horrors of what war and disaster does to human beings, and other creatures, what war does to buildings,life supporting infrastructures & shelters, towns and nations, and what that is is devastating distruction.

Images of broken & maimed dead people whither they are men, woman or children are unpleasent, are horrific and thats because war and killing is horrific it is barbaric.

Argueing the rudamentries of whither it is acceptable to publish these images or not, whither they are real or not, or where they come from is irrelevent to the fact that what they represent is real, what war does to people is real.

In days gone by artists painted images reflecting the horror of murder, war and distruction, whither the painting showed a factual scence or an artists immpression does not change the fact that in war bodies are torn into peices, fragments of body parts are often strewn and scattered.
The barbaric facts of what war does is none negotionable, in war people are destroyed, killed barrbaricly, horrifically and randomly, by people who don’t even know them, because their leaders & goverments say so.

Whither the photos we see are of dead children with their heads blown open, or mens decapitated heads on spikes that facts remain that the cause is the same, its war and it barbaric and wrong and reflects human inhumanity to fellow human, and no matter where it happens or wither the murder is by sword,gun or bomb the hand that yeilds the power in the action is human and in the 21century such actions of inhumanity to our sisters and brethern irrispective of nationality , religous belief, or any other differances of mind set of peoples that causes hate or devision, violance and murder, is wrong and photographic images, or indeed paintings and sculptures that have reflected the effects of war serve to raise awareness and show the facts we know to be true of what war does to humans and indeed, in the bigger picture to all humanity.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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