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I am water


i am water

I am the invisible vapor of the cosmic dance
flowing between the suns
& the moons
& the stars
in an eternal trance…

swimming in clouds that drizzle & burst
I am the tears that fall from the heavens above
feeding the earth with compassion and love

I am the echoing voice that fills the wells
I am the dewdrop on the moorland
with secrets to tell

I am the seeping kiss that quenches earth
bringing forth life in continuous birth

i am the swell of the river
moving wood & stone

I am the whirlpool of life
that nourishes the bone

I am the mist on the mountain top
the all seeing eye

I am the soul of life
i cannot die…

i am water.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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