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I am earth


I am earth
I am the compact fusion of cosmic copulation
I am of air
& I breathe life into the soul of the universes
with the moving winds in the spaces of the sky
communeing with all things
that slither, & crawl, & walk, & swim, & float, & fly
stand still or drip, live & never die…
I am of water,
I flow with calm & storm
I am the rest of all thats best in the well of life
I quench the thirst of all things born,
nourishing the barren & forlorn
I freely give, in rain & snow
that life will grow, I am of love
I am of fire
I burn with passion & desire
I mold & melt my warmth is felt
in life’s embers,
I heat that all may eat & grow
I am of seed & grain
I feed & I sustain
I am life,
I have no price, I am free
and all that is of matter is of me
I am the copulated fusion of cosmic intercourse
I am as all things, one of many
I am earth.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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