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I felt very angry tonight when I read this.

I am in favor of protecting whistle blowers when the definition of whistle blower is correctly defined, I believe whistle blower is defined thus;
someone who is witness of criminality/ unlawful , wrongful behavior in relation to law & human rights violation who comes forward with information & or evidence that discloses the facts / truth pertaining to these act.

As I see it, this is not what Teresa May’s latest offer in regard of child sex abuse investigations puts on the table when “asking the new chairman of the child sex abuse inquiry to pursue potential immunity under the secrecy laws.”

What is potentially being requested is that former police and intelligence officers who wish to help the IPCC with their inquiries will have the threat of the Official Secrets Act lifted.

I don’t consider that whistle blowing.
I suggest that what it offers is immunity from justice to people in positions of government office & agencies who were guilty of concealing crimes of violence & sexual abuse against vulnerable citizens & children, people with a duty of care to protect the public, not politician & people abusing positions of power, immunity from justice in the light of evidence that will expose their part in the crimes & cover ups.

I realize that it could be argued that they were afraid,they were under threat, but their job was one of law enforcement & crime prevention, they had a duty to expose crime when it happened and bring to justice criminals committing crimes not concealment & corruption to prevent the course of justice.
Police officers & civil servants had a duty to the public to protect them from crime not to allow the continuance & procurement of unlawful actions & behaviors to cause more potential harm & criminality.

It seems to me that we have reached a point in time when the child sex abuse crimes inquiry has already collected overwhelming evidence that implicates politicians, civil servants, police officers & no doubt social work & legal representatives, I also believe that when the evidence is examined it will expose many of these people involved in employ of the state being offered immunity for their part, or their negligence in relation to the crimes, so offering them immunity as whistler-blowerss is not actually accurate what they are being offered is a states evidence deal of immunity , which i suggest amounts to little more than further corruption of justice & the guilty escaping accountability and punishment.

This is quite different from immunity from punishment by law for those who may be survivors of crimes exposed or to be exposed by the inquiry, survivors who were both victims of crimes & witness to crimes who have come forward, THEY ARE whistle-blowers, they had reason to fear the consequences of threat they were abused, & witness & victim to horrific ordeals ,they say rapes, possible murders & violent abuse, they’re position is quite different from those in office or the police & their testaments have been ignored & covered up for years, they themselves accused of lying.
It is their persistence & testament that has finally brought these crimes to the wider public’s attention.
Offering immunity to the police & others who have perpetuated for decades their pain is an insult & further crime against them.

What the above article and Teresa Mays proposals suggest to me is more perversion of the course of justice, a get out of jail free card for the guilty who have hidden & covered up these crimes for decades, some enjoying the benefits of nice pensions & golden handshakes when they were party to crimes against children, or they were part of cover ups of these crimes for decades while the real whistle-blowers, the victims, the survivors have been scorned , insulted & suffered as a result of their corrupt behaviors and frankly I believe that is totally unacceptable & unjust.

What the public wants is the guilty held accountable and punished accordingly and an assurance that these sort of atrocities against the young cannot happen again and go unpunished.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

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