Today I replied to a post on  Glasgow Live’s page, that has left me somwhat confused as to what I actually said that was offencive, when I responded to someone replying to me reply with a link to the post I was replying to without comment by asking and your point is?

Here is the conversation as it appears on my facebook timeline, if anyone can enlighten me to what exsactly was offensive or rude about my response ,I’d be truely greatful.

Soeme say it’s a way of reducing inequality, while others complain that it’s a waste of money – what do you think?

June Mackendrick
June Mackendrick I think it a great idea, though I don’t get how it can be a cost to taxpayers when so many companies and organisations want to promote their products I’d have thot by then getting involved and donating promo samples the cost to taxpayers would be minimal . 33yea ago when I had my daughter the hospitals gave mums a goody bag of samples with nappies, & other baby products
The average box will cost taxpayers £160 to…

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June Mackendrick

June Mackendrick Carol Roxburgh And your point is ? Given that taxpayers money continues 2 b used to top up the large salaries of Unscrupulous greedy MP’s, I think £160 to give parents support to help babies have an equal and fair start in life it’s not a lot of money in the bigger picture.

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Leah Ross
Leah Ross Pretty rude response June … your post clearly says you do not understand how it can cost the taxpayer money, someone provided you with a link showing how much each costs and you jump on the defensive then go off on a rant about the tories which is in no way connected to what Carol posted … in fact from Carols post it is impossible to even tell her politics or if she is for or against the baby box even 🙄

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June Mackendrick
June Mackendrick Ms Ross, you are as free as the next person to make assumptions on what I think, that however, does not mean your assumptions are correct, or that I am rude, its mearly your opinion, based on your perseption of my reply. Howevever to clarefy on that point, I appologise to Carol for any offence taken , for it was not my intention to offend, nor did I make any assumption of Carols political views. In addition since your response reflects you have misunderstood, I shall also explain that the point I was attempting to make, all be it apparently poorly from your misunderstanding of the my reply, which I do not appologise for, was that given the shameful behavior of MP’s as revealed in the expenses scandle, which I am fully aware did not just involve Tory MP’s but MP’s form other parties , The link I supplied served as an example that I had easily to hand, it was not given to me it is freely available on the internet. Additionally in the interest of unbiased I shall also now offer a couple example of this exploitive type of behavior from a former local labour MP from my area, Mr Brian Donohoe,…/local-mps-in-expenses……/edinburgh_and_east/8073203.stm . Finally, and with hindsight and in the interest of clarity, I believe given the exploitation by MP’s of the public coffers to line thier own pockets I believe the scheme is a good one and cheap at £160 a box particularly when you take into consideration the cost of packing and distrabution which , I presume create jobs even if the contents are donated for promotional purposes, and not taking into account the cost of production of the boxes. It is I beleive a good scheme that may safe lifes and as I already said previously give babies a fair and equal start. have a nice day Ms Ross. Ps, I after some consideration, think a injection mouldy plastic box which would double as a bath, be more hygienic and Ecco friendly, recyclable & I suggest as such, a cheap cost effective alternative, might be a viable alternative and safe less paupers coffin like alternative.
LOCAL MPs Brian Donohoe and Katy Clark have been quizzed about their House of Commons expenses.


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