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My perspective on asking that Assange be Pardoned by the Trump or any other USA president.

While I understand, and empathise with the desperation, and pain of the family of Jullian Assange, and how his suffering, and plight, affects his mother Christine Assange, and Father, John Shipton, his adult children, his partner Stella Morris, and their two enfant boys, and all his close friends and supporters, I cannot beleive that JulianAssange, in sound mind, would compromise his integrity, even after ten years of abuse, and torture of his human, & indeed, his civel rights, to ask the likes of Donald Trump for a pardon, it just does not compute in my mind.

Sure, I understand that his supporters, and family, have reached a point of desperation where all they want is Julian free, I want that too, but I just can’t imagine Juilan Assange would beg, any corrupt individual, or organisation for a pardon, for alleged crimes he didn’t commit.

I cannot imagine that Julian Assange, the hero, who exposed war crimes and held governments to account ,would willingly incriminate himself, and his organisation Wikileaks, by asking for “PARDON”.

A pardon request, infers guilt, that a crime was committed by the person who seeks it.

That ricrimination is in order. A pardon suggests an admitance of guilt, and goes against all that Julian has stood to expose for over a decade, and suffered, torture, abuse of rights, arbitory detention, and imprisonment for, to date.

I’VE SUPPORTED #Assange FROM THE BEGINING, and I find this whole “#pardon” rhetoric completely wrong and insulting, not just to #JulianAssange, but to the whole ethos that #WikiLeaks is meant to represent, and I think it beggars belief, that the idea or word “pardon” is even part of the equation, or that Julian Assange himself, in his right mind ,would go along with it.

That is not a slur to Julian, but it is a reflection of his suffering, and #abuse, and that #coercive pressure is at hand.

When you request “PARDON” you infer a crime was committed by Julian Assange. Julian Assange has not been shown to have committed or admitted any #crime of #espionage or #treason, which the #USA is charging him with, and which sets the president of the #extradition request.

Why then, and for what is a pardon necessary?.

 #Journalism is not crime.

Are you asking that he be pardoned for #publishing evidence of #warcrimes as a journalist?

If so, then shame on you, you are no longer standing with Julian, you are standing with those who seek to #incriminate him and #Journalism by inferring what #WikiLeaks, Julian, and those who published with him, and #exposed, war crimes were wrong or #illegal, and no, it was not.

What was exposed was criminality of the worst kind, war crimes, by those at the top of government, and someone has to hold the #government to account.

It has always been my understanding that was the job of men and woman of #conscience, those  of the #freepress, decent, good, journalist with #integrity who protect their sources, and act as the messengers of truth. 

#ChelseaManning was pardoned by the #Obama administration for the theft of the documents passed to Wikileaks, she is now at #liberty to live her life as she chooses.

Julian Assange published the information via his WikiLeaks org & with other MSM media outlets, if Julian is to be charged, then so must every other editor involved in publishing these documents that Julian shared via WikiLeaks, and what does that say about the USA as the home of the free, and its constitution?

If the incoming #Biden government truly serves the people, truth and freedom, if it truly supports the rights of #humanity as a whole in the interest of #equality and #democracy then it MUST end the pursuit of Julian Assange for #exposing warcrimes, and begin to make amends for the crimes of past #USgovernment administration, and the war crimes they have been involved in,

WarCrime exposed by the journalism of Julian Assange via his wikileaks orginisation and their associates in the free press.

Warcrimes that have contributed to civilian #deaths, #destruction, #displacement, and #poverty, around the world, and caused the deaths #injury and #harm, to the #mentalhealth and well being of thousand civilians and #USmilitary personel, and indeed, the military personel and familes of their allies, servicemen, and woman, and by association, harm to their families, as well as damaging the reputation of The United States of America as a civalized trustworthy nation around the world.


I have a keen interest in The Arts as therapy, and as a fundamental tool for understanding, and managing mental health. I love nature, reading, writing, poetry, photography, movies, painting, dance and yoga. And have a keen interest in social issues & humanities.

2 thoughts on “My perspective on asking that Assange be Pardoned by the Trump or any other USA president.

  1. i get the whole “pardon”’s technically wrong but getting a pardon would be sticking an eye into the deep state who have criminalized journalism…Everyone would know it’s effectively not actually a “pardon” but a finger to the establishment. I don’t know how Julian would feel inside admitting to a crime he didn’t commit…I guess it would be like the “Fonz” saying ssssssoooo r r r ryyy. I just can’t see him doing it…but he ought to know all of his supporters would understand it’s complete bullshite and welcome his freedom…besides at least he would get a chance to be heard again and criticize the pardon bs….. point taken but at this point he’s fighting for his life and sanity…pick your battles eh?


    1. If you get that it’s technically wrong, then you should know that nothing about this is about sticking it in the eye of the deep state, it is about truth and justice, and you either get that or you don’t. You apparently don’t. It’s not fucking happy days, it’s about peoples lives, war crimes, mass murder, and corruption, and I find it unreasonable to suggest that Julian gave up his liberty and subjected himself to torture, liable, abuse, and death threats in order to stick it in the eye of the deep state, what fucking bullshit are you taking here. ? I am talking about a man of great intellect and integrity, who is at the high end of the autistic spectrum,, who has been wrongly imprisoned and charged with treason and espionage in a country he’s not visited, nor is he from, for publishing as a journalist, crimes against humanity, by governments, and the elite, and you compare it and him to Fonze in happy days, what age you, six?. Julian himself has been accredited with the quote ” we do not forgive and we do not forget.” And I find it highly unlikely that he would seek the pardon of a capitalist, lying, corrupt, warmongering, inciteful, scumbag like Donald Trump, who solicits the favor, and the company of men like Jeffrey Epstein, and others of that ilk. It’s an insult to Assange, and no, serious people would not view it as a finger in the eye of the establishment, and the deep state, they would see that only from the Trump perspective, and many would suspect that a pardon at this stage after 4 years of opportunity to end the right o Assange and drop the charges, Trump has done nothing, & if he had now it might be view by the enemies of Trump or Assange as a bought by bribe pardon, and that would ultimately serve to deflect from and undermine Julian’s case, and his decade of suffering for justice and truth.


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