The unconventional thesis of a girl from Glasgow reflects a mental health journey spanning five decades and charts the development of what began as The Hethen Project. This presentation was drafted to reflect the ethos of an Arts Therapy for Mental Health Promotion I wished to develop and hoped to create back in 2006. https://youtu.be/3tFKVYr_3Iw

The Hethen Project brings together a collection of artwork, storytelling & poetry, created as art therapy projects between 2008 – 2012 by myself. They were the glue that held me together when my world fell into chaos, and my mind became fragmented.

During that period, by applying the ethos and objective strategies of The Hethen Project,  to myself, the arts helped me to focus & be mindful, connected me to nature, opened my subconscious and allowed me to look in.

Most importantly, the arts allowed me to be reflective from different perspectives often, more impartially and calmly. This helped me to not only keep breathing through episodes when death felt like it might be a welcomed alternative but to manage my mental illness relatively medication free.

Going forward I hope to use these pages to raise awareness of the benefits of Arts Therapy for mental health & well being and continue to work towards creating and developing the goals of The Hethen Project objectives.




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