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Pepa pig and the great British NHS robbery

Today 22.11.21, MSM news is flashing the headline:

“Boris Johnson was left floundering today when he lost his place in a high-profile speech to business leader”

And no doubt in households across the UK people will be saying,

“OMG, what’s he like,😂🤣😂 what has Pepa pig got to do with anything, he must have finally lost the plot, he’s such a bumbling bafoon is Boris, 😂🤣

And I think 🤔 AYE, HA FUCKING, HA BAFOON MY ARSE, the man is a dangerous fascist bastard.

Surely, I am not alone when I think that the “Peppa pig” references have a George Orwell doublespeak context, or has no one read or heard of Animal Farm? where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others?

And while Animal Farm’s characters were based on political characters from a different era and regime, it’s not so difficult to look at them now and see similarities to the present conservative administration. I can easily identify Snowball, Napoleon, old Major, squealer, Boxer Mollie, and others, within the ranks of the various Johnston cabinets shuffled and reshuffled!

That said, the same could be said of other Tory cabinets in the last decade, and perhaps the alleged floundering by Boris in his “Pepa pig speech”

was also a “black mirror” reflection, and jibe at his old school, Burlington club buddy, and rival, former PM, David Cameron, who had his own piggish platters to deal with in the press during his leadership.

I have sat down with men like Boris, hell, I can go further, I have laid down with them, in the distant past, & been council to their personal, most secret, views, lewd beliefs, both sober & drunken ranting, and heard the boasting of their limitless egos.

Arrogant, obnoxious, elitist yes absolutely he is, but an ignorant bumbling fool, no, I think not. Irrespective of what you may feel about the upper echelons of the workings of the British education system public or private, and in particular Universities, Boris Johnson has an Eton education, he studied the classics  Balliol CollegeOxford where he is reported to have achieved an upper second in Literae Humaniores (Classics and Philosophy). He was president of the Oxford Union and a member of the infamous Bullington Club.

So, even if his place at Oxford was bought and paid fo, and exam results, were solicited with secret handshakes, and donations behind closed doors in hunting lodges of the old school alma mater of his father Stanley, he has had, what most would consider a good, privileged, educated, and some of the subject matter within the learning process will have registered, I dislike him immensely, but I am not stupid enough to think for a second he is a moronic fool.

I am aware of his position on eugenics and have met, nae, I have known, others like him, including within my own family circle.

This is why I suggested that there was no floundering or error in his performance at the CBI speech, only theatrical timing, and posturing for effect.

Alexander, Boris De Pfeffel Johnston, has been preparing for his present role his entire life. He has been well educated in the stagecraft required for his star role. His character has gone through the training and necessary auditions and bit parts, and he is well versed in the speeches required for the theatres of war on every front, and, how best, his well-rehearsed character/ public persona, should deliver his lines, & present his performance, he is a fine representation of method acting, the epitome it might be suggested.

Even his name reflects that, although I suspect Alexsander (Defender of mankind) was duly applied to a hierarchy that regarded mankind in terms related to eugenics. Boris, who is considered in elite circles to be from good stock, is a playful wolf in the guise of a harmless sheep, but if you go deeper into the characteristics of the wolf, the wolf is a pack animal, playful intelligent, and devoted to family.

D’ Pfeiffel, ( French; of Pfellel related to family name) my understanding of the word pfeffel was from my father who might say “don’t talk such pfeffel meaning nonsense!” A pfeller, I believe is defined as a willful clown, although the urban dictionary defines it thus

I am sure Boris would like to see himself cast as a John Snow, the character from Game of Thrones, an honorable wolfman with integrity, but he is most definitely not, and he may fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time, and I certainly ain’t falling for his polished performance, laced with innuendo & symbolism for the initiated.

He, is in truth, I suggest a combination of the worst traits of Orwell’s Animal Farm characters, Napoleon, & Squealer, combined, although I suggest that’s got a lot to do with his upbringing under the influence and grooming of an elitest, abusive, narcissistic father.

So, there you have it my opinion, in relation to the CBI, farcical, fascist, alleged debacle, which was a great propaganda exercise to deflect public attention to the vote on ,

The health Bill 2021, a corporate takeover privatizing the NHS.

.Either way, and anyway, Animal Farm gives us a damn good insight into the ways of totalitarian leadership, and anyone who fails to see that this is exactly the path the present conservative government is on, and trying to drag the nation down is in my opinion, frankly delusional, this is the great New World Order, Corporate fascist swindle and take over, in action, be aware, be very aware, and be afraid, be very afraid. Animal farm full movie 1999 Animal Farm audiobook

status update…

Sad, disappointed, tired, lethargic, pained, drained, despondent, undervalued, unappreciated, deceived, betrayed, maybe I just expect too much, have too much hope, too much faith, certainly not too much confidence, but maybe too much ego, vanity, self believe, to much willingness to self deceive…

Wish I had confidence and some element of some kind of other people’s respect, but I guess that’s the sum total of my life path to date, if I am honest I have few regrets, so what else really can I expect?

or perhaps a kick in the conscience is what I am due for wallowing in self-pity like that’s ok to do…

Maybe I should just go lie down and sleep & pray that the aliens my soul will take, to have hold or keep…

The Santa Claus

This is a wee poem I wrote in 2016, it was inspired by this tweet by the Scottish poetry library;

and was a freeflow response to the tweet, unfortunately I couldn’t tweet it without breaking the 140 character rule, so I scribbled it down and then posted it on my Facebook to share with friends, as a bit of fun.

Also, I should add, it was also inspired by a true story.

I saw Santa staggerin’ doon the street.

He was shouting an’ swearing & making weans greet.

The things he was saying, Were nasty an’ crude,

He was really quite obnoxious, an’ extremely rude.

In his hand was a bottle of Bucci,

Which he waved about, wi a shout of,

” come an’ have go If ye think yer, lucky!

Ma names Santa, an’ a don’t care!!

come on an’ sit on ma lap if ye dare!!

If yer naughty, I’ll gi yer arse a wee slap

If yer good, I’ll take ye back ti ma flat”

Over his arm was a Tescos bag.

Filled wi cans of cider, and a carton of fags.

Which he raise ceremoniously, telling all,

“iv got ma swag!”

His red tracksuit was dirty and covered in stains

His beard, long an’ mangled, with food remains…

His hat tho torn flashed With l.e.d lights

As he sang jingle bells with all his might

by his staggering dance, I admit all were entranced

As he swayed about singing as he pranced

Yes a strange Santa Claus, at whom everyone stared.

Cos, it’s not what you expect to see,

on a July afternoon, in the town of Ayr.!

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(submitted to the SMHAF Ayrshire, poetry competition 2019)

Some weans are born into misery.

Subjected to an absence of empathy.

The subject of parental substance abuse,

Battered mothers, sisters, and brothers,

familiar with the taste of their fathers cum

Life’s undone.

Feared into secrecy and lies, terrorized.

Tortured by guilt, and shame, and blame.

Society cursed.

Stigmatized, by psychiatric labels

Self-harmer.   Filed, Society’s child,

With little perspective…

Some weans are born into war and destruction

People unhinged, and insane with corruption

War crimes, sex crimes, In the royal households.

The free press is silenced, the stories untold.

Government’s shame, for a tank of black gold,

economic collapse, as some nations fold.

All weans are born without hate or shame

For society’s children, it is society to blame

A reflected chaos, created by history

An epidemic of misery, society’s legacy.

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Society’s Child

(submitted to the SMHAF(Ayrshire) poetry competition 2019)

I’ve seen you,

 behind the smiling emojis,

 and cute cat Gifs.

It makes no difference whether you’re dressed by Prada or Primark.

Behind the veil of technology’s screen,

I hear you scream.

Your DNA, ingrained in the mean streets,

 Scars, a birthright.

A witness to the times.

Violence, pain, abuse, and shame.

Secrets and lies, false alibis.

Cultural vendettas, and social taboo’s,

Life in the spotlight, that you didn’t choose.

It has absolutely no relevance, your colors or creed.

We all share the agony of the social disease.

The climate is in crisis, there are wars everywhere

It’s a global pandemic of depression and despair.

We all share the burden of society’s ills.

We all share the blame for society’s child.

Viking Monologue

This is a wee attempt at a comedy monologue sketch I wrote and recorded back at the beginning of the year. At the time I didn’t share it publically as I wasn’t in a very good place mentally and my confidence had taken a bit of a knock, I was in two minds whether to continue writing at all, but the truth is writing and the arts are my therapy and to stop either would be like giving u breathing, though I have been hesitant to share for a while, I am getting over my anxieties and beginning to remember who I am and why I share my work, my art.

So, anyway, the recording quality isn’t very good as it was daft o’clock around the witching hour, and I was reading the script, rather than having learned it, and rehearsed, so even as an amdram, it could have, and should have been better, but it was only to share with friends and family, I wasn’t auditioning for the Scottish national theatre! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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The curiosity of the lost child

what is authenticity?
said the child to the king
a little bit of this and that
he replied, you curious little thing

Oh I know that, the child said
my monkey told me so
but I was someone else then
and it was very long ago
I wasn’t very happy then
nor was I very sad
I thought I might be tainted though
sown from a seed quite mad…

I pondered that a long while
as I tarried on my way
A selfish self I was them
I heard some people say
Then one day I realised
I must let go of me
to find the self, we must loose the me
and spontaneously, just

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Old school boys

Here’s 2 all the old school boys…

how they like to make a noise.

Treating us like we’re all fools…

While they’re breaking all the rules.

Climbing the political co-corporate ladder,

they say the journey couldn’t be harder…

shaking hands and patting backs

drinking port and smoking fags

nice big cars to get them around

gosh they’re parents must be proud.

Ripping of the working classes…

While they’re sitting on there arses.

Putting down the common folk

 treating them like they’re a joke.

They are nothing but a bunch of crooks

Screwing accounts…& cooking the books.

History will tell the story…

 Of how they lied then falling from glory…

While the common man scrimped to make a pound

And died in distant field and ground…

While trying to lend a hand for peace

In a bid to make the tyranny cease…

How many have died?


And who exactly pays the bill…

While they proclaim its all gods will…

They lie and cheat but that’s ok

Cos every dog sure has its day…

BUT, when the truth is out and they face the blame,

Will they hang there heads in shame…

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My perspective on asking that Assange be Pardoned by the Trump or any other USA president.

While I understand, and empathise with the desperation, and pain of the family of Jullian Assange, and how his suffering, and plight, affects his mother Christine Assange, and Father, John Shipton, his adult children, his partner Stella Morris, and their two enfant boys, and all his close friends and supporters, I cannot beleive that JulianAssange, in sound mind, would compromise his integrity, even after ten years of abuse, and torture of his human, & indeed, his civel rights, to ask the likes of Donald Trump for a pardon, it just does not compute in my mind.

Sure, I understand that his supporters, and family, have reached a point of desperation where all they want is Julian free, I want that too, but I just can’t imagine Juilan Assange would beg, any corrupt individual, or organisation for a pardon, for alleged crimes he didn’t commit.

I cannot imagine that Julian Assange, the hero, who exposed war crimes and held governments to account ,would willingly incriminate himself, and his organisation Wikileaks, by asking for “PARDON”.

A pardon request, infers guilt, that a crime was committed by the person who seeks it.

That ricrimination is in order. A pardon suggests an admitance of guilt, and goes against all that Julian has stood to expose for over a decade, and suffered, torture, abuse of rights, arbitory detention, and imprisonment for, to date.

I’VE SUPPORTED #Assange FROM THE BEGINING, and I find this whole “#pardon” rhetoric completely wrong and insulting, not just to #JulianAssange, but to the whole ethos that #WikiLeaks is meant to represent, and I think it beggars belief, that the idea or word “pardon” is even part of the equation, or that Julian Assange himself, in his right mind ,would go along with it.

That is not a slur to Julian, but it is a reflection of his suffering, and #abuse, and that #coercive pressure is at hand.

When you request “PARDON” you infer a crime was committed by Julian Assange. Julian Assange has not been shown to have committed or admitted any #crime of #espionage or #treason, which the #USA is charging him with, and which sets the president of the #extradition request.

Why then, and for what is a pardon necessary?.

 #Journalism is not crime.

Are you asking that he be pardoned for #publishing evidence of #warcrimes as a journalist?

If so, then shame on you, you are no longer standing with Julian, you are standing with those who seek to #incriminate him and #Journalism by inferring what #WikiLeaks, Julian, and those who published with him, and #exposed, war crimes were wrong or #illegal, and no, it was not.

What was exposed was criminality of the worst kind, war crimes, by those at the top of government, and someone has to hold the #government to account.

It has always been my understanding that was the job of men and woman of #conscience, those  of the #freepress, decent, good, journalist with #integrity who protect their sources, and act as the messengers of truth. 

#ChelseaManning was pardoned by the #Obama administration for the theft of the documents passed to Wikileaks, she is now at #liberty to live her life as she chooses.

Julian Assange published the information via his WikiLeaks org & with other MSM media outlets, if Julian is to be charged, then so must every other editor involved in publishing these documents that Julian shared via WikiLeaks, and what does that say about the USA as the home of the free, and its constitution?

If the incoming #Biden government truly serves the people, truth and freedom, if it truly supports the rights of #humanity as a whole in the interest of #equality and #democracy then it MUST end the pursuit of Julian Assange for #exposing warcrimes, and begin to make amends for the crimes of past #USgovernment administration, and the war crimes they have been involved in,

WarCrime exposed by the journalism of Julian Assange via his wikileaks orginisation and their associates in the free press.

Warcrimes that have contributed to civilian #deaths, #destruction, #displacement, and #poverty, around the world, and caused the deaths #injury and #harm, to the #mentalhealth and well being of thousand civilians and #USmilitary personel, and indeed, the military personel and familes of their allies, servicemen, and woman, and by association, harm to their families, as well as damaging the reputation of The United States of America as a civalized trustworthy nation around the world.