It has been suggested that the only remaining factor from Orwell’s 1984 not to be operational is the thought police, I disagree and suggest the thought police agenda was in fact among the 1st agendas of government to be strategized initially through church & psychiatry & latterly through media & now mass surveillance.
The church has long used the threat of define retribution to control & implant thoughts into the minds of the masses, & in psychiatry what is cognitive behavioral therapy if not thought control & mind manipulation? yes it may have it’s positive aspects but every positive has a negative.
Brain washing techniques developed by medical & military scientists and strategists for the purpose of war propaganda & indeed torture are now common place practice in media for the purpose of corporate exploitation in advertising and in tv, film & all other media entertainment formats to manipulate & influence opinion for every aspect of life so to deny that the thought police are not an integral part of government practice seems farcical.
& now we have mass government surveillance, bloggers arrested & imprisoned for sharing opinions which are of more often than not, personal thoughts, be they good or bad in context of content, which of course is itself subjective to personal interpretation & opinion/thought, if they are not enacted in actions they remain only thoughts.
Tweeters have also been arrested for sharing thoughts or opinions, sometimes merely thought provoking sometimes insightful and sometimes just merely a case of emotional outburst with no intent, perhaps stupid & careless to share but none the less little more than a thought that’s passed through their head that they’ve shared.
I strongly support freedom of speech & expression and am aware of the issues related to incitement & offence however that is not what this blog is about, its about the denial of the thought police idea as reflected by Orwell & the denial that this sector of global government strategy and agenda is not already up and running because i suggest that evidence suggests it most definitely is and has been since long before 1984 was published or even thought of.


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BBC writer Thom Phipps advocates the murder of Julian Assange – Update


Original Post published 11th December 2014 @22:00 and can be found archived here:

Public executions exist in Saudia Arabia, as do police death squads in Kenya. Public executions and death squads are part of this country’s past too. Most of us are happy to keep such barbaric behaviours squarely in the past and through history many have given their lives for the recognition of human rights and the improvement of the human condition. Presumption of Innocence, Rule of Law, Protection of Life and Freedom we all value and take for granted.

You would not therefore expect the British Broadcasting Corporation to employ Mr Phipps in writing a comedy about Julian Assange when the former has publicly advocated for the public extrajudicial assassination of the latter.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 19.59.23

This is shocking, wrong, dangerous.

Julian Assange’s health is deteriorating due to his current living conditions, unable to enjoy his political asylum due to…

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Images of what war does

In recent days I have seen comments & discussion on the internet regarding images showing people in pieces being pulled from destroyed building that are now rubble.
Today I heard these same types of images being mentioned on the radio, as people express horror that they are shown,without warning to content, and also regarding that some of these images are being described as showing people reported as being killed in one place then later the same photo with the same people being said to be somewhere else.

My feeling on this are simple and I respond thus,
Where the photo was taken, where the people in the photo died and even whither or not the photo in the image is a real time or photo shopped doctored representation of the event,is, without sounding calous, irrelevent, what is relevant is that these images reflect the true horrors of what war and disaster does to human beings, and other creatures, what war does to buildings,life supporting infrastructures & shelters, towns and nations, and what that is is devastating distruction.

Images of broken & maimed dead people whither they are men, woman or children are unpleasent, are horrific and thats because war and killing is horrific it is barbaric.

Argueing the rudamentries of whither it is acceptable to publish these images or not, whither they are real or not, or where they come from is irrelevent to the fact that what they represent is real, what war does to people is real.

In days gone by artists painted images reflecting the horror of murder, war and distruction, whither the painting showed a factual scence or an artists immpression does not change the fact that in war bodies are torn into peices, fragments of body parts are often strewn and scattered.
The barbaric facts of what war does is none negotionable, in war people are destroyed, killed barrbaricly, horrifically and randomly, by people who don’t even know them, because their leaders & goverments say so.

Whither the photos we see are of dead children with their heads blown open, or mens decapitated heads on spikes that facts remain that the cause is the same, its war and it barbaric and wrong and reflects human inhumanity to fellow human, and no matter where it happens or wither the murder is by sword,gun or bomb the hand that yeilds the power in the action is human and in the 21century such actions of inhumanity to our sisters and brethern irrispective of nationality , religous belief, or any other differances of mind set of peoples that causes hate or devision, violance and murder, is wrong and photographic images, or indeed paintings and sculptures that have reflected the effects of war serve to raise awareness and show the facts we know to be true of what war does to humans and indeed, in the bigger picture to all humanity.

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open letter to Dan snow & other signaturies

Dear Dan Snow & other signaturies of letter ref Sottish independence referendum,
Thank you for your contribution to the independance debate, and for voicing your personal opinions on the issue, it is always interesting to hear the opinions of others.

I understand your position however I have to ask would you advice your reletives or friends to remain in a bad marrage in which they were victims of domestic abuse.

I am sure you are aware that domestic abuse is not just a matter of physical violence but can involve mental, financial & indeed other issues that come under the remit of social abuse, and i am afraid my personal opinion, reached after exstensive independent research of the historical & political issues involved in the political marrage of Scotland to the rest of the UK has proven one of an abusive & more weighty partner oppressing and abusing the smaller within the relationship by financial & ecconomic abuses, this is not a relationship I personally wish to continue with, i STRONGLY feel that a amicable divorce is in the best interest of Scotland & will be more beneficial to the children which will give them a more secure & healthy ballanced future to flourish in.

I am sure you will appriciate that although divorce can pose difficult for friends and relitives when it comes to perceptions of taking sides, but I see absolutly no reason why we can not all remain friends and continue to get on sociably & indeed work together in a more ballanced and fair way that does not see Scotland treated as the poor relitive or underdog when it deserves to be treated as an equal with the ability to stand strongly & independencly making its own desisions in regard of its future as oppossed to being subject of desisions & governance by a dominent partner who evidance reflects has not always worked in the best interest of Scotlands citezens.

kind regards
june Mackendrick

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9th June 2014 … a walk to auld stompin grounds

I had planned a trip tae Glasgow today, a wlk round auld haunts…

I was gonna get the bus thru, walk up tae maryhill though Cowcaddens tae St Georges cross, nip up tae the flats, jist fur a wee walk about , nostalga… i love that shit!!

Fae ther I planned tae walk up tae the nolly and walk along tae North park st,hav a wee quck shot of the swings in Ruchhill park then head doon tae Queens cross and along Maryhill Rd tae Rolin st then down towards Bilsland dr & head fur the Botanic Gardens tae go say hullo, how do you do, tae the goldfish in the tropical hoose!

I was gonna walk from there doon Byre Rd & cut thru & down University avenue tae Kelvin grove, tae see the auld bandstand awe dun up pretty…and have a wee scout round the art Gallaries…

I had planned tae head over tae queens park from there, I had a flat there when I was 17, from there a wanted to walk thu tae Shawlands & take a stroll down past my auld flat on Strathyre street then head along to Hamden walk down kinmount past nana & granpas & then head back tae toon fur a bus home, or maybe the train.

My plans were sckuttled due first to not having been able tae charge the camera (nae bloody charger!) I planned a lot of photos & secondly, the usual lack of finance… aye it would cost me aboot 20quid fur the day oot but its 20quid mer than I can reasonably afford at the moment.

& thirdly , it was rainin all day & the idea of a drizzly glasgow day trollin auld haunts wieoot ma camera, just didn’t feel worth it …
theres other days!!! maybe next week.

Anyway, during the course of the day I heard on the radio about the midnight walk in the southside, I had somehow not heard of it previously, or maybe didn’t take it when I did hear, I wished I had know previously…
I thought about gettin dressed & jumpin on the bus, but naw money, and late night connections tae here don’t happen,
I wished a still had the luxury of the car, cos then I’d have been able tae be there…


Because, I’v walked these streets over 30 years ago, when I was just a teenager, I walked them at all hours of the day & night…
cut thru the parks in the midnight hours,climbing over the gates for a shortcut home… howling in juvinille exubarance at the moon from the flag polls…

I’v walked these streets home in the early hours of stupid o’clock… after a guid night out on the toon.. dancing and singing the night away, missin the bus & being too skint fur the taxi home…
Oh , I’v walked them streets…
sometimes laughing , sometimes crying…

but they are our streets…
& they should be safe for all of us…
men woman & children

& we should feel safe & free tae walk them anytime of the day or night.

so,In solidarity with the #thesebootsaremadeforwalking Glasgow 9th/10th june 2014.
I’ll be there in spirit tonight with all those taking part in the midnight walk at Queens Park.

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the minfield of information & misinformation about mental health stuff

When it comes to descussing mental health conditions & mental health issues, if there is nothing else I am sure about there is one thing that I can absolutly garuntee you will find & that is, the humungus amount of conflicting opinions theories medical, phyciatric & scientific findings, missinformation & downright lies surrounding mental health conditions, issues, & indeed & probably most importantly some of the behaviors, often unfairly accredited to those who are affected by meantal health conditions,issues & problems.

These contridicting opinions coupled with steriotypicalazing labeling prosess, only serves to add to the many barriers & issues people with mental health conditions & their familes have to contend with when seeking treatment & information to help them address their conditions & manage them successfully.

This mix of good & bad information poses a minefield of dillmma not just for those suffering from mental health conditions , but also for students wishing to work in the mental health sector.
Which is why it is important, I think, that they don’t rely only on set text suggestions when researching their studies.

I firmly believe students & indeed, mental health conditon sufferers & their families should use as wide base research & study area as possible not just 1, 2 or 3 referance points acreddited to the most well known phyciatrists in the particular area of their condition like many do with schizophrenia & Freud, for example, but a much wider & certainly more modern approach is needed, because unlike when addressing a physical illness where a set number of diognosic tests & prognosis will be enough to treat & address the issue this is not the case with mental health conditions.

The Mental health sector of medicine covers a vast area of conditions & under its umberella there are physical, mental emotional & social conditions that may be contributory factors in both condition & how best to address them.

As medical models go for treating illness/health conditions, the holistic model of health is in all probability, the most suitable,as it incompasses a wider perspective with regard to the individuals needs & includes the pacients imput in the long term care planning & managment prosess.

My own personal opinion with regard to researching the mental health conditions is to look to pacients, past & present who have lived with mental health conditions,those who have come though the truama of the mental health abyss or continue to walk through it & live with it everyday & how they manage their conditions, how their conditions effect them & what advice they offer, because I believe there is no better advocate or teacher than those who have experianced the minefield of medical approaches & of course dellemmas their conditions pose.

Those of us who live with mental health issues today are fortunate that we live in a time when we are not wholey relient on the medical & phyciatric proffessions for support, unlike our predesessors in history with conditions like ours were.
We do not have to be subjected to the horrors & indignities of the mental assylums, we do not have to hide our conditions or be ashamed of who we are like they did, we do not have to allow ourself to be subject of discrimination & stimatisation based on the poor & unfair assumptions of others about our conditions.

We live in sumwhat more enlightened times, there are many support networks out there that can help us find our way through the laberynth of mental health conditions & the socail barriers & doorways that are avialable to us.

Yes there is a minefield of contridicting theories,findings & information, however,we can use that to our advantage, both as students familes, friends, carers and indeed pacients with mental health conditions.

We have the means at our fingertips to do thourough comparitive crytical anyaltical research and MOST IMPORTANTLY resourses that allows us to talk to and listen to people who have mental health conditions & issues.
The internet profides us information and research facilities, social networking support hubs & many thousand of blogs & other first hand account that can help us find & learn ways find methods to manage & cope with mental health issues.
There are libaries community groups & advice referane points; charitable organisations & community groups where we can seek & indeed give & share advice & experiances enabeling us not just to help ourselves but to help others & that initself can help you to feel better about yourself & your condition & build confidence.

So yeah, in conclusion, mental health is an area of medical & phycatric head fuck!
but, there is help & support out there, so use it to your best advantage & most of all be compassionate, mindful, thoughtful & caring, whither medical or phyciatric practisioner, student, family member, carer, friend or mental health condition sufferer because if its not you today it could be you tomorrow or the next day or the next day or the next…

nature elements …the sun

  • Yesterday evening I had a conversation with a friend on Twitter who asked me;
    What facinates you most Light, rain or wind?I paused at first, not sure what he meant, then answered that light facinated me least & explained what I LIKE about wind & rain.

    Later, early this morning, I awoke with this on my mind realising I had misunderstood the question , my confusion, I think began with the word light, what I think my friend meant when he said light was sun, we were descussing nature, a thunder storm had just bagan to happen outside & I had said I was going to go out for a walk as I like the rain thunder & lightening.

    I am in truth, facinated by all of nature in all its glory & wonderment, all of it facinates me, captivates me, enthrals me, I love it, how it works in compliment with all things working in seemingly effortless cooperation.

    I can sit in quiet contemplation of it all in peaceful contentment & just absorb the all of it, watching insect busy about, trees dance, or waves gentley caress the shore as they ebb & flow, the smells, the feel everything about it is just so full of everything that bares relevance to life itself, it is truely awesome.

    I had answered that I was least facinated by light, I think as a result of how I had misinterpreted what he had said or meant, had he said the sun, I may have answered differently, I’m not sure, had we been descussing the elements as opposed to nature & weather, I would have said I was probably most facinated by fire, & fire is associated with the sun, the sun being a big burning planet of fire, persay. Its flaming colour, the heat it radeates, all aspects of fire, & yes fire most definatly facinates me beyond a shadow of doubt.

    I can & do often sit for hours watching the flames of a fire dance, the smoke weave & rise & shapechange.
    I see things in the flames, smoke & burning embers that captivate & fill me with curiosity, wonder, excitement & a whole array of other emotions/feelings.
    I have literally thousands of photographs of fires & flames because fire & all that it is, & does, & that I see within it, inspires much of my art projects, I take pictures to preserve the moment as it happens because it changes so quickly, I like to be able to preserve the second for later reflection & I guess to reaasure myself that what I saw in the flames smoke & burning embers was not just my imagination running away with me.
    And yes, I realise that may seem a little wierd to some ppl but I am a little wierd according to many people so what the hell!

    Of course thats not to say other elements are less facinating to me, they are not, all of nature with all its aspects & charms, wonders & beauty, facinate me for very different, & often quite specific reasons, however that is topic for future blogs when I shall perhaps explain my facination with the elements of air, water & earth & ideed other elementals & aspects of nature.

The Hethen Project

The Hethen Project is an art project developed following the most difficult period in my life to date which occurred between 2007 & 2012, & till the present day…

I think its fair to suggest that 2007 was the beginning of the gestation period,
the long pregnancy of stress, anxiety & depression of a brewing meltdown of mind, body & spirit which finally hit the proverbial on and around the 7th February 2009, & from that moment The Hethen Project was born.

The seed or idea which the project developed from was a self-help therapy & health management program/project to get me through the meltdown of that time, & grew from a project idea I had as part of my degree modules while studying Health & social welfare & social policy at Wolverhampton University for my foundation degree &then BA( which circumstance dictated I was unable to complete).

Ironically, had it not been for the beaurocratic errors made by local authorities at that time I would not have been faced with the circumstances that led to the meltdown, but all things happen for a reason & therefore I have no regrets in that regard.

THE HETHEN PROJECT charts social, legal & health issues that led to, were, & indeed still are, kinda ongoing .

Gallary menu reflects a selection of collections of paintings, sketches, drawings, photography & sculptured wood pieces that became my fundamental medication in my recovery journey from that time.

Poetry menu will take you to a selection o poetry & recitals with images from the art project.
The poetry was written before, during & since, and is an ongoing project.

Some of the poems are also incorporated into the text of HETHEN the creative writing project, inspired by a stranger, I met on the internet the key to my survival & recovery My Key, at that time, had it not been for their support I may not have made it through some of the harder moments.

My Key was my key to opening the door to me, my art & the strength within to get me through that very difficult period, & indeed it is their inspiration that helped me begin to find the me I’m trying to be today, even going on the meltdown days.