Today I replied to a post on  Glasgow Live’s page, that has left me somwhat confused as to what I actually said that was offencive, when I responded to someone replying to me reply with a link to the post I was replying to without comment by asking and your point is?

Here is the conversation as it appears on my facebook timeline, if anyone can enlighten me to what exsactly was offensive or rude about my response ,I’d be truely greatful.

Soeme say it’s a way of reducing inequality, while others complain that it’s a waste of money – what do you think?

June Mackendrick
June Mackendrick I think it a great idea, though I don’t get how it can be a cost to taxpayers when so many companies and organisations want to promote their products I’d have thot by then getting involved and donating promo samples the cost to taxpayers would be minimal . 33yea ago when I had my daughter the hospitals gave mums a goody bag of samples with nappies, & other baby products
The average box will cost taxpayers £160 to…

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June Mackendrick

June Mackendrick Carol Roxburgh And your point is ? Given that taxpayers money continues 2 b used to top up the large salaries of Unscrupulous greedy MP’s, I think £160 to give parents support to help babies have an equal and fair start in life it’s not a lot of money in the bigger picture.

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Leah Ross
Leah Ross Pretty rude response June … your post clearly says you do not understand how it can cost the taxpayer money, someone provided you with a link showing how much each costs and you jump on the defensive then go off on a rant about the tories which is in no way connected to what Carol posted … in fact from Carols post it is impossible to even tell her politics or if she is for or against the baby box even 🙄

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June Mackendrick
June Mackendrick Ms Ross, you are as free as the next person to make assumptions on what I think, that however, does not mean your assumptions are correct, or that I am rude, its mearly your opinion, based on your perseption of my reply. Howevever to clarefy on that point, I appologise to Carol for any offence taken , for it was not my intention to offend, nor did I make any assumption of Carols political views. In addition since your response reflects you have misunderstood, I shall also explain that the point I was attempting to make, all be it apparently poorly from your misunderstanding of the my reply, which I do not appologise for, was that given the shameful behavior of MP’s as revealed in the expenses scandle, which I am fully aware did not just involve Tory MP’s but MP’s form other parties , The link I supplied served as an example that I had easily to hand, it was not given to me it is freely available on the internet. Additionally in the interest of unbiased I shall also now offer a couple example of this exploitive type of behavior from a former local labour MP from my area, Mr Brian Donohoe,…/local-mps-in-expenses……/edinburgh_and_east/8073203.stm . Finally, and with hindsight and in the interest of clarity, I believe given the exploitation by MP’s of the public coffers to line thier own pockets I believe the scheme is a good one and cheap at £160 a box particularly when you take into consideration the cost of packing and distrabution which , I presume create jobs even if the contents are donated for promotional purposes, and not taking into account the cost of production of the boxes. It is I beleive a good scheme that may safe lifes and as I already said previously give babies a fair and equal start. have a nice day Ms Ross. Ps, I after some consideration, think a injection mouldy plastic box which would double as a bath, be more hygienic and Ecco friendly, recyclable & I suggest as such, a cheap cost effective alternative, might be a viable alternative and safe less paupers coffin like alternative.
LOCAL MPs Brian Donohoe and Katy Clark have been quizzed about their House of Commons expenses.


It been a while since I posted anything here, and I certainly didn’t expect to be writing about such a tragic event like the Grenfell tower fire in London this week.

I had been basking in the joy and blessing of my new granddaughters birth on the 11th June, and had just returned from dropping my youngest son at Glasgow airport , he and his girlfriend had flew in to meet his elder brothers new baby and were heading back to Spain where they work after a very short and happy visit.

It was around 4.50am when I switched on the tv while having a quick cuppa before heading to bed, and saw the blazing invero of the tower block and I was brought back to earth with a thud , filling with horror , tears and emotion for all involved.

I’v experianced a house fire, twice in fact.

The first time was when my daughter was about 3 and 1/2 years old and we were living in a tenement on the Maryhill rd above the chemist where the fire started.

My daughter had got up during the night and came to my bed, the firemen told me later, it had probably saved her life as the fire had started in the back of the chemest below her bedroom , her bed was black with soot and smoke damage, and the fireman said had she been in it she would have been unlikly to have survived the smoke inhilation, the whole house was smoke damaged , that smell, it lingers and becomes a trigger.

The firemen were great , they woke me , got us out the house and also the other neighbours in the building. We were lucky and greatful not just for the job the firemen did saving our lives, and our home , but the kindness of the old couple who lived accross the street, who took us dressed in pyjamas with bare feet, in till we were checked over by paramedics , giving us blankets and phoning my dad to come get us and take us to my mums.

Years later when my eldest son was about 2 years old we were living at the high flats at Cedar st, where I grew up, and where my parents lived.

It was the fire in my home  that night, I remembered when I watched the Grenville fire unfold on tv.

The fire that night stared in my baby sons room,  a portable tv, I used to leave on for sound, which I felt kept him company, had caught fire.

It was around 11PM, I’d just got out the bath and was about to do some  ironing, & watch “Cell block H”, my dog began behaving strangly, agitated, and when I went to see what was bothering him,the fire alarm in the hall began to ring. As I reached the top of the stairs I could see the smoke coming from the babies room.

I remember running down the stairs and grabbing him out of the cot, then to my daughters room and waking her, getting them both out the flat, handing my daughter the baby, telling her to go down to there grans on the 5th floor, not to panic, to tell her gran to phone the firebrigade. I was kinda in auto pilot,  we lived on the 11th.

Neighbors came to help, they had already phoned the brigade, wee Jonny Linch , my hero, a lad of about 13 years of age. He ran in to the house , shouting

“Were’s yer cats june?”

Running up the stairs before I could stop him , in a flat black with smoke already filling the hall way , as I soaked towels to lay accross the bottom of the door of the room where the fire was, having already turned off the main power box supply.

It was terrefying, Wee Jonny Linch, came back down the stairs ,

” I open the veranda door for the cats” he said. ” we need tae get the fuck oot a here”

By then the fire brigade had arrived, and as they opened the bedroom door with big sheilds up, the window blew out, but these heros soon had the fire contain, under control and out.

No one was hurt, although there was extensive smoke damage . The children were taken Yorkhill childrens hospital to be checked for smoke inhilation. Where they were met by partner who had been working  at the time. I was taken to The Western Infirmary, accompanied by Charlie the local beat policeman, an aquaintance through the dance club I ran for local kids. He who had just finnished his shift and offered to keep me company at the hospital while I went through the blood test and waited for the all clear. I was greatful, for his comforting reasurances and kind words during those frightening , anxious , caotic initial hours after the incident.

It probably seems strange , but I don’t remember the date of either of these fires I experianced. Nor  do I remember what I had been doing early on the days they happened.

All I remember is the fear, the anxciety, the smell, and the stinging eyes from the smoke. I remeber the proffesionalism of the emergancy services and what they did , their bravery.

I remember how Charlie,  who went above and beyond the call of his duty..

I remeber the kindness and concern of neighbors who offered support and well wishes in the aftermath of my badly smoke damaged home.

I , we , were lucky, and as I watched the towering inferno that was Grenfell, I was taken back to that night at  Cedar st, and tears rolled down my face for those resident at Grenfell, those lucky enough to escape with their lives, and those who sadly didn’t.

I thought of all those people accross the UK who will be affected by what they’v seen unfold these last days , those who live in high rise building , and now think

“There but for the grace of god , go I…”

I know the flats at Cedar street are presently undergowing refurbishment, and I  think of them, because even over 20 years on Cedar st, is dear to me, it was home, where I lived on the 5th floor as a child and teenager ,where my partents lived most of their lives.

I think of all high rise  resedent accross the Uk who will be fearful of the state and risks that may be there and the effect recent events will have on their minds.

My heart bleeds for those who have lost everything in the Grenfell disaster, because let their be no doubt, this is a distaster, and I am greatful to all the heros of the frontline services ,and indeed, the ordinary people of the community who remind us of the importance of compassion and community, and compasion in the community  .

Most of all I pray that steps are taken to ensure this never happens again, in the UK or anywhere else, and as a UK Tax payer I demand a full tranparent inquiry and that those responsable for risk assesment and saftey who failed the resident of Grenfell tower are held accountable and brought to book.




It’s world ocean day

what can I say,

but where would we be if they all went away?

So much that sustains us is dependent on our waters,

yet we neglect and abuse them…

it’s like a pretext to our own slaughter.

Our pollutions and policies cause our oceans much harm,

it’s like we’re oblivious to those sounding the alarms.

So today make a promise, I urge everyone… please,

to think of our oceans, our waters, our seas..

think of their charm and all that they give

for without their contribution our species and planet can’t live..

& within that promise to yourself or your god

give thanks for our oceans, our waters and seas

& promise to do your part to take care of them please.




Imagine lying in your bed
the sound of warplanes overhead
You go to the window & all you see
is rubble and carnage where homes & schools used to be.
The local hospital raised to the ground
the shops and your work place can’t be found.
No where to work no where to play
everything bombed, life in disarray
No clean water to cook or wash
no gas or electric, for the hob
no heat or light,children terrified,
wondering will they die if they sleep at night
Imagine war was all around you
living with oppression, what would you do?
would you pick up stones and try to fight back
knowing the odds against you were politically stacked
would you pray for safety, would you try to flee
Imagine the dilemma of being a refugee
ordinary people just like you and me

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japans crisis is all of humanities crisis

I am far from an environmental or meteorological expert, & know little to nothing about earth sience & how whats under our feet in the planets core works, none the less I am bewildered that there is so little coverage of what is happening in Japan on MSM.

I understand that Japan is a country who’s population is familiar with rumblings under the ground resulting from its geographical & meteorological status, I guess if you are used to frequent lo magnitude earthquakes then in many ways its normal to you, however I suggest that these sort of tremors although quasi normal are generally spaced over distance and although they may happen simultaneously in different areas with different low risk factor magnitude levels, it is fairly unusual if not all but unheard of, that they rumble over the whole of Japan simultaneously, & surely that is cause for serious concern, not only for the people of Japan, but for the people of the world.

“Japan is sinking” said the tweet,

and I am not an alarmist but i am alarmed, which was why I wrote this in 2013

following on from the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Around the world environmental experts have been warning us for years about the dangers of climate change, and although politicians may be making big efforts to talk the talk, few seem to be actually walking the walk,and doing something about it.

Meanwhile as the environment and planet, and thus humanity comes under attack as a result of corporate madness,not least from the nuclear energy & fossil fuel industries, the masses go about their day to day business in blind ignorance of the very real & pending threat to life & planet ignoring the warnings of nature & environmental activist who desperately cry WAKE UP.

And how much of this crisis is a result of weather modification, geo engineering and the nuclear insanity of the past 60 + years?

There can surely be little doubt that the Fukushima disaster and on going meltdown & leak crisis has played its part on what is happening in Japan and the whole pacific region, in fact, i’ll go further, as we see environmental chaos around the world as a result of climate change & fossil fuel extraction, pollution & nuclear fallout or waste whither that be from testings, war crimes or the effects of waste product & or from energy plants or depleted munitions.

I am aware that if Japan is sinking there is little to nothing we can do to stop it but surely there should be some sort of contingency plan to save the people & wildlife inhabitants of that nation, or should we Just shrug our shoulders and say thats a shame, as we wait for them all to disappear into the earth’s core and say oops didn’t see that coming!

I am appalled like many others at what our species is doing to this beautiful planet we live on.

I know we cannot change or eradicate the damage we have done but should we not at very least be doing something more to slow down & try to counterbalance the effect of it all now, should we not be seriously making big efforts to preserve our planet & eliminate the risks where & with what means we can with the knowledge & expertise of those who know about these things?

Or should we just think fuck it, the world gonna end soon lets sit back eat tacos and chocolate & drink pop while waiting to die?

It all just saddens me greatly, not because I fear dying but because I feel what a regrettable and shameful end mankind has brought upon this wonderful planet and all that dwells upon it.


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It has been suggested that the only remaining factor from Orwell’s 1984 not to be operational is the thought police, I disagree and suggest the thought police agenda was in fact among the 1st agendas of government to be strategized initially through church & psychiatry & latterly through media & now mass surveillance.
The church has long used the threat of define retribution to control & implant thoughts into the minds of the masses, & in psychiatry what is cognitive behavioral therapy if not thought control & mind manipulation? yes it may have it’s positive aspects but every positive has a negative.
Brain washing techniques developed by medical & military scientists and strategists for the purpose of war propaganda & indeed torture are now common place practice in media for the purpose of corporate exploitation in advertising and in tv, film & all other media entertainment formats to manipulate & influence opinion for every aspect of life so to deny that the thought police are not an integral part of government practice seems farcical.
& now we have mass government surveillance, bloggers arrested & imprisoned for sharing opinions which are of more often than not, personal thoughts, be they good or bad in context of content, which of course is itself subjective to personal interpretation & opinion/thought, if they are not enacted in actions they remain only thoughts.
Tweeters have also been arrested for sharing thoughts or opinions, sometimes merely thought provoking sometimes insightful and sometimes just merely a case of emotional outburst with no intent, perhaps stupid & careless to share but none the less little more than a thought that’s passed through their head that they’ve shared.
I strongly support freedom of speech & expression and am aware of the issues related to incitement & offence however that is not what this blog is about, its about the denial of the thought police idea as reflected by Orwell & the denial that this sector of global government strategy and agenda is not already up and running because i suggest that evidence suggests it most definitely is and has been since long before 1984 was published or even thought of.


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